Dear Annie, I got my scores back from the October test, and I got an 800 on reading, a 750 on math, and an 800 on writing. Thank you for your time; you have opened so many doors for me. I truly appreciate it.

– Devon, student, Portland, scored 2350 on the SAT!


I got my scores back early this morning and I scored 800 on math. Thank you so much for all your help; it clearly made quite the difference. I will be recommending you to all of my friends in search of a tutor.

– Emma, student, Portland (also scored 34 on the ACT)


I wanted to let you know that I was able to view my ACT scores today, and I got a 35! The full breakdown was English – 36, Math – 36, Reading – 34, and Science – 34. I am really happy with these scores, so I don’t see myself taking the test again. I wanted to thank you for all the help you provided. There is no way I could have gotten to this point if it not for your tutoring.

– Jack, student, Portland, scored 35 on the ACT


My September ACT scores are back, and I made more improvement than I expected; they took me by surprise! Thank you so much for all your help – it obviously paid off!

– Marty, student, Eugene, scored a 31 on the ACT and improved 7 points


I want to thank you for the time you spent preparing Marty for the ACTs. Your willingness to work with him both in your office in Portland and remotely from Eugene made everything so easy. His score increase is a testament to how much you helped improve his confidence, and we’ve seen that confidence trickle down to all of his endeavors.

– Liane, parent, Eugene


Dominic received his ACT scores: 33 English, 32 Reading, 32 Math, 28 Science, for a 31 composite score. We are super pleased. Thanks so much!

– Mysty, parent, Vancouver


Annie is an exceptional Math tutor for those seeking to improve their scores on the SAT. We chose her because of other recommendations and she exceeded our expectations! My daughter was only scoring 640-670 on Math before, and was sure she could get the scores up all on her own. After the very first session, my daughter realized Annie was exactly what she needed because she was able to really direct her on what areas she needed to work on. And, she had invaluable test and strategy tips that gave my daughter a real confidence boost. She was able to get her Math score up in the high 700’s, and get a 2210 SAT score overall. I know that helped with her college applications, because she received a huge scholarship and grant and will be attending the University of Southern California this Fall! She is soooo excited!

– Diane, Parent, Portland


Thank you for your wonderful help with both of our children- Catherine improved on her ACT test scores from a 19 to a 25 – she received many great offers and chose University of Portland. With the scholarship she earned we are well below the cost of a state university.

Marty did even better – going from a 17 to a 25- he has now been accepted to all 8 of his schools – and receiving offers totaling over $80,000.

We have one more for in a few years!! Your help and expertise has helped not only our children but us as well!

– Di, Parent, Tigard


Annie helped my son with his SAT prep, and helped with tips as well as day to day studying between the first time he took the SAT test and second test. We definitely give Anne credit for helping Bryce increase his SAT score by 260 points on the second test. Thanks again.

– Dan, Parent, Lake Oswego


We hit the jackpot with Annie, who was clear, on time, and supportive of our son in each of their individual sessions. She helped to identify his strengths, explain how to take the ACT and SAT, and then tailored a systematic plan for our son to follow in order to meet and improve on the areas he needed to bolster before the big tests. Not only did he develop some firm study habits, and learned new systems of test taking. He did very well and exceeded expectations! And by the way, his 4.0 GPA at the end of Spring was probably influenced by the tutoring process as a sideline.

Student improved his SAT score 180 points

– Mary, Parent, Portland


Hi Annie, here are my son’s previous scores, and then after tutoring:


Math 420
Reading 420
Writing 340


Math 530
Reading 520
Writing 460

He was accepted to WSU Vancouver, Univ of Portland, and Eastern Washington! Still undecided where to go, but choices are good. Thank you for helping him, it is obvious the tutoring paid off!

– Carlene, Parent, Camas


Our tutor was extremely helpful and helped me reach my SAT goal. I had a great experience and was so happy with the end result.

Student improved SAT score 210 points

– Jasmine, Student, Portland


What I enjoy most about your service is your friendliness, flexibility, professionalism, and you tailor your tutoring to our child’s needs.

– Alison, Parent, Portland


Our tutor is on time and personable, and most importantly, she connects with our son.

– Tom, Parent, Portland